Meet the five members of the men's table at Redwood Terrace in Escondido, California—and find out more about senior living

Warmth, companionship and meaningful emotional connections aren't just something nice to have in our lives. They're essential to good health, safety and overall happiness. While staying in your current home can seem comforting, you may not have the opportunities you once had to easily engage with the people around you.

Relationships—involving real people and genuine connections—are the cornerstone of senior living. After all, you aren’t just moving into a new home. You’re moving into a community. So it is especially important to find one that feels right for you.

The resources below will help you identify the unique culture of individual senior living communities and the benefits of the relationships you can build there. You’ll see how residents enjoy making new friends, connecting with staff, exploring the senior dating pool, building networks of support and much more.

“I’ve lost both a husband and a daughter since I’ve been here. Had I been living in my old neighborhood, where I’d been for 29 years, it wouldn’t have been the same. Here, you’re never forgotten. You’re never alone.”

Fran Syverson

“I used to think your new friends will never be like your old friends. I’ve found that isn’t true. My new friends here are every bit as valuable to me.”

Carole Malinowski