Skilled Nursing: Top Notch Care for the Short- and Long-Term

Take a glimpse into life within the skilled nursing community at’s Royal Oaks.

What is skilled nursing?

Skilled nursing is a state-regulated, licensed health care setting that provides 24-hour rehabilitation services for residents on a long- or short-term basis, depending on their needs.

Staff members often include custodial staff, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and on-call doctors.

Care services include staff well-being checks, medication management and assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living.

Medicare and Medicaid programs often help pay for skilled nursing.

What does skilled nursing look like at Royal Oaks?

Tucked against the foothills of the grand San Gabriel Mountains in the sunny Los Angeles suburb of Bradbury, the pleasant and spacious community of Royal Oaks embodies the one-community-fits-all approach to senior living.

As a continuing care retirement community, Royal Oaks offers independent living apartments and assisted living options, as well as skilled nursing.

Royal Oaks’ skilled nursing care provides all the comforts of home, but with the added reassurance of round-the-clock medical personnel.

Daily caregiving includes assisting residents with tasks such as taking medication, personal hygiene and grooming. But more importantly, caregivers are on hand to help maintain as much independence as possible for as long as a residents lives here.

“We have a very high quality of care with 24-hour nursing,” says Paula Digerness, executive director at Royal Oaks.

It’s not uncommon to see staff members making their way through the community’s hallways, whether they’re helping a resident take a morning walk to improve mobility or making hourly rounds to check in. Residents freely spend their leisure time as they wish at Royal Oaks, while the community uses sophisticated security systems to ensure resident safety.

Ronald Bendana, a registered nurse at Royal Oaks, says what separates their skilled nursing community from others is their “resident-oriented” approach. Many communities train their staff to focus on completing tasks without much individual attention for the residents, but at Royal Oaks, the staff focuses on meeting the residents’ needs instead of merely completing a checklist. At Royal Oaks, staff members focus on helping the resident complete necessary tasks with as much independence as possible.

That’s why nurses at Royal Oaks take extra time to discover what patients are still able to do for themselves—and then offer the support they need to continue caring for themselves to the extent possible.

Residents who need more physical support to maintain their daily lives can still enjoy independence and autonomy by making choices about their daily lives at Royal Oaks.

“We encourage them to make decisions,” Bendana says. “They can decide what time they want to get up, what they want to eat and what they want to wear.”

Residents have the freedom to decorate and furnish their rooms as they wish, and they can also decide what activities they would like to join throughout the day. There are ample opportunities for those at Royal Oaks to meet fellow residents and socialize over meals, entertainment or creative expression. One of the most popular events is Royal Oaks’ bingo sessions, which never fail to bring residents together in the common area for a fun-filled hour.

Another amenity at Royal Oaks’ skilled nursing community that helps maintain independence is the beauty salon, where residents can get primped and pampered without having to leave the campus.

Residents experience a familiar ease at Royal Oaks, thanks in part to the low turnover of staff members. Many of the caregivers at Royal Oaks' skilled nursing facility have worked there for several years, if not longer, and their friendly and familiar faces have a way of putting residents and their loved ones at ease.

When a medical emergency or worsening chronic condition interrupts daily life, it may be time to find a skilled nursing community to provide the support needed. In addition to Royal Oaks, skilled nursing care is available at Redwood Terrace, Regents Point, Windsor and White Sands La Jolla. For more information about selecting a skilled nursing care community, visit our skilled nursing page.

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