Several communities offer dedicated, 24-hour skilled nursing centers with short-term and long-term care, respite and hospice care. Learn more.

Skilled nursing options are provided at senior living.

skilled nursing

Our medical teams have deep experience in handling the many different health issues that come with aging. Just as important, our caregivers know our residents well, which means they can provide the informed personal assessments that yield true continuity of care. The close, trusting relationships that develop between residents and caregivers are distinctly different from what you typically find in dedicated health care facilities, where it’s difficult to maintain personal connections. This is a key reason why so many dedicated caregivers choose to pursue their careers with us.

When one partner in a couple needs nursing care, a potentially stressful situation is made far easier by eliminating the need to travel to a distant hospital. The other partner is always close at hand to spend time, share meals, lend support and generally keep spirits up. With all residents who receive skilled nursing care, our overriding goal is to ensure they’re involved as much as possible in community life, whether we’re tweaking dinner menus to suit their dietary needs or tailoring activities and social events to keep them interested and engaged. Positive attitudes affect positive outcomes—we prove that every day.

In addition to providing short-term and long-term care, respite and hospice care, also provides convalescent and rehabilitation services for people getting back into gear after surgery or treatment at outside health care facilities. The following communities offer skilled nursing: