Enjoy meals with friends and neighbors in the dining center or do your own cooking. Take advantage of a rich array of programs and group travel opportunities. Use the fitness center. Take a class. Join a group. Our communities offer all this and more.

be.group offers information about their residential living.

independent living

If you’re attracted by all the advantages that a senior community offers—starting with freedom from heavy housekeeping, yard work and maintenance—consider residential living.

As long as you’re mobile and able to take care of your own needs, independent living gives you the flexibility to enjoy the best of senior community life while coming and going as you please. Whether you’re driving out for lunch or taking a two-week cruise, it’s great to know that your home is always secure and being well looked after.

Down the road, if you find you need a bit more personal assistance or basic health support, you can add whatever further services your be.group community provides along the continuum of care.

The following be.group communities offer independent living: