Memory Care

Life is full of emotional hills and valleys—but a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another form of cognitive decline can feel like a chasm. For all the questions and changes, there’s comfort and guidance in memory care services.

Memory care communities are designed to enrich lives and preserve dignity, while providing compassionate, secure 24-hour assistance. Expert medical staff and professional dementia caregivers develop individualized care plans to ensure each resident can live the most fulfilling lifestyle possible. Beyond that, this warm, stimulating environment truly feels like home, filled with natural light, good food, music, art, plants, pets and friendly faces. Residents, family and friends are welcome around the communal dining table for daily activities, group dinners and support group discussions.

These personal touches and therapies are backed by research, and are designed to create a place of healing for the whole family. Use the resources below to help determine if this setting sounds right for you or your family member.