Helping Aging Parents

For years your parents made sacrifices for you and worked hard to help you achieve your goals. Now they need your help. But your home may not be the right fit for their needs, and you may have responsibilities—perhaps to your own children or your career—that make it difficult to give your parent everything they need. That’s where senior living can assist.

Senior living isn’t just a housing option. It’s a place filled with real people who are ready to welcome your mom and dad, evolve with them, support them. The best senior living communities offer a place where they can focus on maintaining or regaining independence and pursuing their unique passions and interests.

From your first visit, our staff will work with you to figure out how best to meet your parents' social and health needs. Use the resources in this section to learn more about finding the right fit for your parents and hear from others who have been through the transition with their own parents.