while officially established in 1955, our story began two decades earlier with a vision of creating better communities and services to make the lives of older adults more fulfilling.


about us

At a glance:

  • 7 licensed communities
  • 25 affordable housing communities
  • Home care and other supportive services
  • Nearly 4,000 residents and clients served
  • 1,300 team members ready to help

More than 65 years ago, a small group of individuals in Southern California made a bold commitment: to build an organization that would help older adults continue to lead rich, purposeful lives. What was originally Southern California Presbyterian Homes is now be.group. Over the decades we have expanded from one fledgling community in La Jolla to 32 communities serving thousands of older adults throughout the state. Faith-based in our roots, we remain committed to providing superior-quality communities and services for seniors of all backgrounds, ethnicities and spiritual beliefs. While what we do has evolved to meet the changing needs of new generations, we stay true to the ideals of our founders.

As one of California's largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities, our well-trained team is dedicated to helping residents and clients discover new ways to embrace life's possibilities and new options for exploring their potential. Southern California Presbyterian Homes became be.group on April 26, 2011, to better reflect this mission. It's a name and a philosophy that we believe sums up everything we've been, everything we are today and everything we aspire to be in the future. Our vision, like the vision of our founders, begins and ends with the people we serve. We're here to help seniors be who they want to
be: themselves.