Senior Living Jobs: Why I Work
at team members share why they love where they work.

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  • Man Serving Food

    They are 1,300 strong. They span the communities and services. Many have spent more than 20 years serving seniors. They are the enthusiastic staff at—individuals who have dedicated their lives to creating rich, meaningful experiences for senior living residents and their families.

    So what inspires them, and why are they so passionate about their work? Meet seven team members, hear their stories and learn what makes life at so unique.

  • Nurse Caring for Woman

    Ofelia Muett

    Title: Program Director of the Hacienda (Memory Care Center at Westminster Gardens)
    Serving residents since: 1992
    Why I Work at “I like to take care of people. That’s my nature. It just comes out of my heart, and I enjoy it. To me, it’s not a job, it’s something that I live for. When residents are not feeling well, and then all of a sudden I see smiles on their faces, that brings happiness to my heart, and it just makes me feel so good.”

  • Man and Woman Laughing

    Gary Boriero

    Title: Executive Director of White Sands La Jolla
    Serving residents since: 1998
    Why I Work at “What we do as an organization is mission-driven. It’s not just about providing hospitality services. It’s about developing relationships. It’s about understanding that this could be your mom and dad. You want to make sure that they’re getting the best care possible. That’s really important, and that’s why I’m here.”

  • Woman Talking on Phone

    Alisa Narkmanee

    Title: Sales Assistant at Royal Oaks
    Serving residents since: 2012
    Why I Work at “Every day I feel excited to come to work. I never know what I’ll encounter. Being a part of has surrounded me with such a warm and friendly community. My team members are wonderful, and the residents bring a smile to my face every day.”

  • Man Sitting at Desk

    Jeffery Rogers

    Title: Regional Director of Plant Operations at Redwood Terrace
    Serving residents since: 1995
    Why I Work at “Through the years, the residents always seem to be very appreciative of even the little things we do for them, and that’s so rewarding. Also, my job over the years has changed, which makes it even more challenging. I’m not only helping the residents but also meeting the needs of our [other] communities."

  • Man and Woman Smiling

    Justin Aquino

    Title: Information Systems Trainer at Windsor
    Serving residents since: 2011
    Why I Work at “Our community has great residents who are gracious in displaying their gratitude and imparting their wisdom. A job is so much more satisfying when there’s immediate feedback on the hard work you put into it. Our community is very close-knit, and I believe that is why the staff embraces an empathetic and compassionate approach toward our residents.”

  • Young Girl and Senior Woman Laughing

    Jeannette Padilla

    Title: Director of Administrative Services at Regents Point
    Serving residents since: 2005
    Why I Work at “I love the interaction with residents on a daily basis. I get to hear and know their interesting stories and help them any way I can. This is the experience I would want my grandparents to have.”

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