meet someone. create something. get fit. stay relaxed. learn how. wonder why. have an adventure. make a difference. this is what defines and our communities: simply being yourself. starting now.



You spent a lot of years making all the big choices—career, family, relationships, finances—to get where you are today. Now the choices become more interesting. The life you hoped to enjoy in the future is actually starting to unfold—right now. The only question is, how do you ensure you’re living it to the fullest?

That's where comes in. As a nonprofit organization—founded in 1955 as Southern California Presbyterian Homes—we take great pride in the quality of our residential environments and in the many options we offer for continuing care, if or when you need it. But most important to us is how we can enrich the various dimensions—physical, intellectual, emotional and social—of this exciting, inspiring, often surprising time in your life. We’re ready to help you embrace the possibilities, to dig deeper into longtime interests while also exploring new directions.

We offer not simply a place to live, but somewhere to be who you want to be: yourself.